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Ultra Vest 4.0

Ultimate Direction

Ultra Vest 4.0 Ultra Vest 4.0 Ultra Vest 4.0 Ultra Vest 4.0 Ultra Vest 4.0
Ultra Vest 4.0 Ultra Vest 4.0 Ultra Vest 4.0 Ultra Vest 4.0 Ultra Vest 4.0
アルティメイトディレクション ウルトラ ベスト 4.0

For serious runners that put training and racing in the same order of importance as work and family, the Signature Series Ultra Vest is your ally. Turn your wildest and most ambitious race goal into reality with this 10.3 liter do-it-all vest. MicroMono mesh fabric with 4-way stretch nylon eliminates irritation from sensitive spots like shoulders, neck, and ribs. Two bottles up front provides a liter’s worth of water or sports drink with enough additional capacity for a phone, camera and trekking poles.

・Lightweight T-Hook adjustable sternum straps
・Bottle holsters tighten to carry phone or camera
・Stretch mesh pockets are phone compatible
・Redesigned trekking pole holder minimizes bounce and snaps out of the way when not in use
・New Comfort Cinch technology provides a custom fit with easy on-the-go adjustment
・4-way stretch material with dissolved thread stretches to fit more and is lighter than ever
・Soft and flexible knit mono-mesh harness

■適応胴囲:S/58-81cm M/76-99cm
・150g Flex Mono Mesh
・MicroMono Mesh
・30D Nylon 66 sil/pu
・4-way stretch Nylon/elastane with disolved thread for increased breathability



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ブランド Ultimate Direction | アルティメイトディレクション
商品名 Ultra Vest 4.0
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